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Free Summer Reading Tags

I love how eager readers are to take home their reading folders. It's proof that excitement about reading is contagious! They just want to run home and share their reading with their families, which makes my reading teacher heart so happy. I've always sent these folders home at the very end of the year when it's summertime. Finally, after repeatedly being asked if they'll be able to take them home, the answer is yes!

I created these tags that you can easily stick on readers' folders. (Even if you don't use my passages, you can use them on books or whatever special thing you send home at the end of the year.) I've always been one to encourage reading over the summer. Not only was I terrified of readers coming back to school in the fall having forgotten how to read, but also because I want them to continue to enjoy reading! Being sent home with a folder full of passages at their level helps readers keep feeling confident about their reading.

These tags work great for both my Guided Reading passages and my Fluency passages, since both are kept in folders. (You may just staple your passages together or bind them, which still works great with these tags!)

*If readers have already read through all their passages, send the folders home- that's a whole lot of material to read through again!
*If readers have some passages they haven't gotten to yet in Guided Reading groups, send them home anyway! Let them have the chance to read those stories on their own.
*If it's your first time purchasing my passages and your readers haven't read any of them at all, pick a good level for each of your readers and send them home!

Oh, and speaking of summer, if you're someone like me who tutors over the summer, keep in mind that these passages are PERFECT for tutoring! With all the planning done for you, you'll be ready for each session before summer even begins!

You can grab the folder tags for free here!

Happy Reading!

Non Fiction Guided Reading

Let me tell you- I LOVE writing stories for readers! The last few months I've been enjoying creating leveled non fiction guided reading passages. I've learned so much from creating them and have also been curious to learn more about many topics. My hope is that not only will readers actually enjoy reading non fiction texts, but also be eager to research more after reading! All the while, the readers are building their confidence as they make their way through each passage during guided reading.

These passages, from Pre A-V (Kindergarten-5th grade) are full of interesting facts, text features and comprehension questions that will make readers refer to the text for evidence. I included vocabulary cards with pictures, words and phrases to assist those readers who need a little help before reading or during reading. As with my other guided reading packs, each passage includes a corresponding lesson plan and running record.

 Creating a reading folder for each reader is a great way to prep ahead of time. They also are something that readers can store at their desks (or at the guided reading table) that they can grab during independent reading to read through previously read texts.

The word work portion of the lesson plan that is included for each passage provides words to focus on that are in the text. Using letter tiles, readers can create the words before reading so they're familiar with them when actually reading. This helps them recognize the words while actually reading!

Check out this short video that shows all the components included for each passage!

 Adding in fun pointers and props that relate to the story is a helpful way to increase engagement even more! Who doesn't want to read with a feather pointer when the topic is birds??

Magnifying glasses can be used to take a closer look at images or specific words included in the passages.

Keeping the vocabulary cards in view of readers while they're reading through the text is a simple way for readers to use them when they come across challenging words in the text.

In the During Reading section of each lesson plan, I include appropriate prompts (related to that level) that you can use to guide readers when they struggle with which strategy to apply to challenging words.

In the After Reading section of the lesson plans, I included appropriate (related to the grade and reading level) comprehension questions that can be used while discussing the text.

Highlighters and highlighter strips are also extra motivating! Focusing in on specific lines with highlighter strips provides a simple tool for readers who need the help. Highlighters are an excellent way to identify evidence in the text when responding to comprehension questions.

You can check out these non fiction guided reading passages packs here!

Happy Reading!

A Book All About the Power to Choose

You know those books we loved to read as kids where you got to choose your own adventure? Well, What Should Danny Do? by Ganit & Adir Levy is an updated version of those stories with a very important concept- the power to choose!

Danny is the main character who readers are helping make decisions. He is a superhero in training, which is why he has a special cape. This is such a fun idea for young readers to attach to- who doesn't want to be a superhero??

Many times when we ask young readers what they SHOULD be doing, the answer is very different than what they actually do when faced with a similar situation. This story encourages readers to explore all the different options- even if they know it is a wrong choice, they can still see what happens to Danny by making that choice. It helps readers really see how your day can end up taking a turn for the worse, or for the better, from one small decision. The more practice readers get with using their power to choose, the better decisions they will make when faced with making their own choices! Getting to help Danny through a variety of scenarios is the perfect way to get readers to understand the power to choose.

The various stories and illustrations are so engaging for young readers. The decisions they are required to make for Danny are ones that they likely face on a regular basis! This book gets readers talking and leads to great discussions all about making decisions. It can be read frequently in the classroom or at home, allowing different readers to make the decision each time. Readers will cringe at some choices and cheer with delight at others!

The book includes symbols (as seen in the bottom right with the yellow arrow) and a guide explaining what the various symbols mean: turn to the next page, return to where you started to make your choice, reaching an ending, etc. It is so kid-friendly, encouraging them to just keep on reading and making choices. I love that readers can change their mind many times to see what Danny does in different situations. This book truly encourages readers to realize the powerf of their day to day decisions, which we all know is so important for our readers to realize from an early age. Readers will love having the opportunity to change their mind (making good or not so good) decisions to see how Danny's day is altered.

You can check out the What Should Danny Do? website here or purchase the book right on Amazon here. If you purchase from their website, be sure to check out the superhero capes as well- such a great way to remind readers of their power to choose. I love the idea of having a different reader "be the superhero" each time you read through the story. That reader then gets to wear the cape while they make decisions for Danny. Right now you can even use code: TOTHECORE on their website for $3 off!

 I'm so thankful I got a chance to check this book out- I highly recommend doing the same- you and your readers won't be disappointed!
Happy reading!

Why Scholastic Book Clubs is Amazing and a Book Box Giveaway!

Just last week I attended the Scholastic Book Fair and I have to say those book fairs will always hold a special place in my heart! Ever since I went to my first one when I was a little kid, I've gotten excited for the book fair. The idea of all those books in one room is just the best! It's so hard to not just buy every single book.

I'm so excited to be teaming up with Scholastic Book Clubs for this post because I love how easy they make it for teachers and families to get great literacy materials into the hands of kids! Scholastic truly gives teachers the opportunity to purchase books for their classroom library in an affordable way. With monthly book club orders, it's affordable for families too! Ever since my first year teaching, I've used Scholastic as a way to build my own classroom library and always encouraged families to order books as well. As a person who is passionate about literacy and providing all readers with engaging reading material, Scholastic is my top go-to resource for books. If you're looking at just starting your classroom library, or simply want to add more excellent books to your library, I highly recommend checking Scholastic Book Clubs out.

Check out just a few reasons why Scholastic Book Clubs is fabulous below. Also, find out how to enter a giveaway for your very own Discovery Book Box, full of wonderful titles to add to your classroom library!

1. One Dollar Book Deals featuring Your Students’ Favorite Titles
Each month, Scholastic Book Clubs offers a wide variety of “$1 book deals,” making it easy for both teachers and parents to afford high-quality reads for kids to read independently in the classroom and at home. Be sure to also check out Clubs’ blog and social accounts for weekly dollar deals.

2. “Book Bundle” Collections to Help You Quickly Grow Your Library  
Every Scholastic Book Clubs flyer includes a great selection of book bundles, curated by our editors, for teachers to add up to 5 to 10 books in their classroom for only a few dollars! Topics range from real life heroes to holiday-themed collections to laugh-out-loud reads.

3. NEW Apple Recognition and Rewards Program
The Apple Recognition and Rewards program is a way to say “thank-you” for teachers—and students— who go the extra mile to foster a love of reading. Every teacher this year joins the program automatically. Check out additional rewards including free shipping, surprise gifts, Scholastic Teacher Magazine subscription discounts, and more to create a dynamic, book-loving classroom.

4. Monthly Rewards and “Bonus Points” for More Free Books & Classroom Supplies
Each month, Scholastic Book Clubs offers several ways for teachers to add even more  free books and resources for their classroom, such as furnishings, educational games and posters. This year, every dollar a classroom spends on an order, the teacher earns “one bonus point.” These points . For example, this October, schools that order over $50 will earn an additional 10 free books.

5. Introduce a New Teacher to Clubs 

Teachers who are already enrolled in Scholastic Book Clubs are eligible for special “bonus points” when they help new teachers get started with the program. This year, both teachers will receive an extra 250 bonus points to help build their classroom library full of free books!

If you don't have an account yet, but want to get one started, this super brief video shows you exactly how simple it is to get your Scholastic Book Clubs account started!

Do you want a chance to win a bunch of amazing books for your classroom library? Simply head over to our Instagram or Facebook page to enter! It's real simple, I promise. :)
Happy reading!

Fluency Passages Organization

Most schools use a benchmark Fluency assessment system three times a year, as well as some form of progress monitoring throughout the year. My little readers always got so frustrated with the selections that they had to read because the passages were incredibly challenging, even more since they were struggling readers. Sometimes they'd barely make it through a sentence or two and the timer went off! I wanted to help my readers build their confidence so that they could perform better on these assessments as well, which is why I created my leveled Fluency passages a few years ago. I finally finished the packs, which I now have from Level A-V for Kindergarten-5th grade. In addition, I made these binder covers/spines to help get organized!

Within each pack, I include 15 leveled passages (3-5 per level). Readers go through each passage 3 times with you (or an adult helper in your room) and their goal is to beat their previous score. Readers also check off how they did (read too fast, too slow, just right, etc) and then after the third read, they write a goal for themselves. My little readers LOVE their Fluency folders and love seeing their growth. I include two different tracking sheets, one which has a comprehension check as well, if you want to ask two questions about each passage, which I include in each pack. The tracking sheets are also a nice page to bring to RTI meetings or simply when discussing students with other teachers or their parents. Check out all my Fluency Passages packs here!

This short video provides a closer look at how you can use the Fluency folders with your readers:

I included a variety of cover options depending on which packs you own- grab the free download below! 

Download the free color version and the b&w version!

Happy reading!

Guided Reading Binder Covers Freebies!

It's only taken me 3 years since I began creating my leveled Guided Reading passages to do this, but... I finally have binder covers and spines to help keep your guided reading materials organized! These align with all my Guided Reading Passages packs, Level A-V.

I created covers and spines for all Levels A-V and the bundles, in color and in b&w, which is perfect for printing on cardstock if you want to save on colored ink. I also created a tub label if you put all your stuff in a bucket or container similar to the one above.

Grab the freebie binder covers, spines and tub labels here- color version and b&w version. You can check out ALL my guided reading passages packs here. I hope this helps you get organized with all your guided reading materials!

Happy Reading!

Two Fun New Books!

Oh how I love reading new stories! I was excited to check out these brand new stories from Innovation Press. They are both wonderfully written, in engaging formats, that readers will enjoy! Old Tracks, New Tricks is great for early readers, while Zoey and Sassafras is a great read aloud chapter book, or appropriate for established readers in elementary school.

Old Tracks, New Tricks is great for early readers. It is an engaging story with great images throughout that will captivate young readers' minds as you read to them. I love how this story gets readers to really think of other things that can be done with simple materials, that may initially be intended for one particular use. In this story, the train tracks go off on their own to create various things they come up with, together. The trains see how much fun the tracks are having and realize they want to be creative too, instead of doing the same thing all the time. This book allows readers to see just how creative your imagination can be!

I created some reading response pages to go along with this story. Little readers will love thinking more about the story as they respond to questions and come up with their own ideas of what to create using these pages. You can grab this reading response freebie here! You can purchase this book on Amazon here. (I don't receive anything for promoting this book- I just enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you!)

Zoey and Sassafras is such a fun read! Readers will immediately get attached to the main character, Zoey and her cat, Sassafras as they pal around solving problems, together. This story is sure to get readers' minds going on how they can solve their own problems. I love the creative way the author presents the idea of solving problems- through saving a magical dragon in her barn! Zoey shows important steps to follow as one is trying to solve a problem. The problem she is trying to solve may be different than everyday issues kids face, but it provides a great base for what to do when solving problems.

I created a few reading response pages to go with the book. Get your readers thinking about what went on in the story and beyond, when solving their own problems, using these pages. You can grab this reading response freebie here! This book (and others in the series!!!) can be purchased on Amazon, here. (I don't receive anything for promoting this book- I just enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you!)

Happy Reading!

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